Committee of the Whole Agenda

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The Committee of the Whole (C O W) meeting of the Council of The Corporation of the Municipality of Kincardine will be called to Order at ____ p.m. on June 20, 2022 in the Council Chambers at the Municipal Administration Centre.

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    THAT the minutes of the C O W meeting held on June 13, 2022 be adopted as printed.

Staff have developed preliminary budget numbers for a suggested Dog Park to be considered at Upper Park in Inverhuron for 2023 budget deliberations.

The new Kincardine Farmers Market agreement is to formalize the arrangement with the Municipality for the land required to host the Farmers Market at Connaught Park.

This report provides information regarding a change in operation hours during the summer months for the Davidson Centre facility.  

Staff is seeking approval for a five-year lease agreement with the Tiverton and District Lions Club to manage and operate the Whitney Crawford Community Centre.

Staff is seeking approval for a formalized User Agreement between the Municipality and the Kincardine Tennis Club. This will provide clarity on the direction and operations of the facility.

The Municipality of Kincardine has committed to developing an Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access Strategy to ensure the organization strengthens diversity in the workforce and implements inclusive processes, policies, programs and services to improve community well-being. A community Diversity, Inclusion and Equity and Access (IDEA) Committee was established with the first task to develop an IDEA Strategy based on public input.

The Committee has since resigned and Staff are recommending that recruitment for the Committee take place with the new term of Council.

Items listed under the Consent Agenda are considered routine and are enacted in one motion as a Matter Arising. The exception to this rule is that a Council member or the Chief Administrative Officer may request one or more items to be removed from the consent agenda for separate discussion and action.

Recommendation: Receive and file statistical reports.

Recommendation: Receive and file all communications

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    THAT this COW adjourn at

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